Southern Oregon Goodwill

Balancing Career and Family

It takes a lot to manage a family and a career… sometimes families need a helping hand. Southern Oregon Goodwill supports parents and their families by providing extra help to balance family life with their career. Parents have access to special classes along with in-home support to maintain and improve relationships within the family.

  • Make Parenting a Pleasure!
  • The First Three Years
  • Financial Literacy for the Family
  • Budgeting

Classes vary depending on location. Call your local Goodwill Mission Services office for a full, updated schedule and to register.

Family Nurturing Center Parent/Baby Groups

Small groups of parents come together at the FNC each week to learn about their babies’ needs for children, how to build those important early attachments with their babies and how to work through crises and struggles that can come from parenting.

Phoenix Counseling Center
A basic Parenting Enhancement 101 course that deals with: self-esteem, anger management, emotional literacy, child development, gender differences, parenting styles, parenting techniques and more; all intended for the enhancement of solid parent child interactions.

The Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center of Ashland, OR is dedicated to providing affordable quality individual counseling and educational training designed especially for parents and future parents to better understand their role in the parent/child relationship.  Successful parenting is an on-going learning process and most parents could improve upon their parenting skills.

Online Advice

Looking for more parenting tips and advice? We also recommend Kids In The House – the Ultimate Parenting Guide.

Parenting Conference – February 20, 2016

Choose from a variety of workshops from local professionals as they address the many joys and challenges of raising successful adults in the current culture.

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