2016-2017 Online Whole-Brain Professional Series

The Whole-Brain Approach

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall? Now you can! Tina is inviting you online as an extension of her
professional study group, held in her home in Pasadena, CA . Through LiveStream.com, you will have the
opportunity to “sit-in” and watch this live event each month. Each session will also be recorded, so if you can’t
attend the specific dates and times noted, you may watch at your convenience within 30 days! This study group
will focus on understanding the clinical application of the science behind neural plasticity, regulation theory, and
relationships in the change process. The format will be 1 hour of class/discussion of the science (reading nine
articles/chapters and/or watching videos) from IPNB science.

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson is the co-author (with Dan Siegel) of two New York Times bestsellers: The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline. She is a pediatric and adolescent psychotherapist and the Executive Director of the Center for Connection in Pasadena, CA. She keynotes conferences and conducts workshops for parents, educators, and clinicians all over the world. Dr. Bryson earned her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, where her research explored attachment science, childrearing theory, and the emerging field of
interpersonal neurobiology. You can learn more about her at TinaBryson.com.

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