Incredible Dads™ Virtual Monthly Support Group


This is the average Dad:

His world has just been turned up-side-down. It goes without saying that he loves his partner and his child(ren), but he’s also feeling overwhelmed…

  • He’s trying to figure out his role.
  • He wonders if his parenting skills are good enough.
  • He’s so tired he’s struggling to perform at work.
  • He finds there’s no time catch up with friends anymore.
  • He’s feeling like a failure… at everything.
  • But desperately trying to be strong for everyone else.

The many stages of fatherhood are a time of acute stress and loneliness for many dads.

39% of first time fathers score high for their risk of depression & anxiety, with 1 in 10 new fathers suffering from post-natal depression.

Research shows that when expecting and new fathers experience isolation, loneliness and stress, the whole family suffers. Also, there are many stages of fatherhood that are lonely, depressing and stressful.

We promote positive parenting for men and give all Dads the support and connection they need. Our early intervention approach provides all Fathers with positive social relationships and easier pathways to health direction to community resources if they need them.

Join Incredible Dads™ Monthly Support Group and Parenting Program!

  • Almost twice as many dads in the general community reported feeling mostly or always isolated as a parent compared to those who attended Incredible Dads™ events.
  • 33% of dads in the general community had no idea of places they could go to make friends and talk with other parents compared with 3% of dads who attended Incredible Dads™ events.
  • Dads who attended Incredible Dads™ events were twice as likely to know where they could get help as a parent compared with dads in the general community.
  • Five times as many dads in the general community felt they and their family were not at all connected within their community compared with dads who attended Dads Group events.
  • 55% of dads in the general community reported never or only a little of the time taking their child to events or gatherings compared with 17% of dads who attended Incredible Dads™ events.
  • Dads who attend Incredible Dads™ events reported feeling that they and their family were connected within the broader community significantly more so than dads generally.


*We will reach out to you for the monthly support group ZOOM link and also contact you when we set up the Incredible Dad’s parenting program (taught once per year via The Family Connection).