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Are you not sure what you’re signing up for?

Well, you are about to meet the best group of parents, learn child development knowledge, appropriate rules and routines, nutrition, family communication, stress & anger management, how to parent different personalities and parenting tips and tricks that will forever change your life!

Parents and Grandparents of children ages 0-17 will gain the most from these programs, but all are welcome… bring your partner, friend or family member. Usually at the session there is a meal and complimentary child watch for ages 3-10. *Due to COVID-19 all programs have been moved into a ZOOM webinar learning format.

We have curriculum that covers parenting skills for children ages 0-17. What age ranges of parenting information were you most interested in learning about?

➡Bilingual Bicultural Parenting Program in Spanish (for parents of children ages 0-10). Programa bilingüe de crianza bicultural en español (para padres de niños de 0 a 10 años).

➡Parenting Program for parents of children ages 0-10 (Preschool thru Elementary School ages).

➡Parenting Program for parents of children ages 7-17 (Tweens & Teens).

Eligible for 14 to 24 hours of parenting education. Certificates available if needed.


More information: | Diana Bennington 541-734-5150 x1050
Programa de crianza gratuito para padres y abuelos de niños de 0 a 10 años.
Elegible para 14 a 24 horas de educación para padres. Certificados disponibles si es necesario.
Más información: | Maria Arroyo 541-734-5150