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Who We Are

The Family Connection supports and implements parenting education by partnering with other agencies and organizations that serve children and families. We are the recipient of the OPEC (Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative) grant to be the Parenting Education hub serving Jackson and Josephine County.

What We Do

We are one of the limited resources in Southern Oregon that fund Parenting Classes. We collaborate with community partners to implement free to the public evidence-based Parenting Education curriculum in a friendly format for parents of Jackson and Josephine County.

Why We Matter

Parenting Education is the first form of preventative care to shield children from adverse childhood experiences. It is our hope that normalizing Parenting Education for all socio-economic backgrounds as a community effort will help shape healthy childhood experiences. It is also our hope that parents that don’t “have a village” can feel supported and empowered in this community to raise well-adjusted, ready-to-learn children.