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The Family Connection is funded by a grant from Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative. We partner with other Jackson and Josephine county organizations to provide free parenting education classes, workshops, and events for families. The Family Connection provides organizations and agencies the ability to contract an evidence based parenting series or workshop for their clients. Our target audience is all parents or guardians from all socio-economic demographics. Our mission is to decrease adverse childhood experiences by normalizing parenting education. Our desired outcome is that families are supported in learning the skills to raise happy, healthy, school-ready children. We actively seek partner organizations serving parent or child populations to help us implement our mission.

Our mission is two fold: We coordinate free parenting classes for any parent or family member to attend, and we also have been charged with professionalizing the career of “Parenting Educator” by offering many training and job opportunities. Learn more about Parenting Education.

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What The Family Connection Can Do For Your Organization:

  • Contract and manage a parenting series or workshop for your agency or organization! We have 100 trained Parenting Educators in Jackson & Josephine County… Contact us today for your consultation and quote!
  • Train your staff to teach an evidence-based curriculum to your clients at little cost to you.
  • Parenting Educators trained in certified curricula, along with their ORO professional development, can apply at (OrPEN) to continue their professional development in this up and coming new field of employment. The Family Connection does one evidence based curricula training per year (usually in the Spring/Summer). Don’t miss it!
  • Allow for partnership with a positive local organization doing passionate, important work in the Southern Oregon community. Centrally located between Jackson and Josephine counties in Central Point, Oregon, we are in the perfect position to serve both greater Medford and Grants Pass, as well as all outlying locations. All of our work is evidence based and supported by OPEC (Oregon Parenting Education Collaboration) with a scientific base out of Oregon State University.
  • Offer additional services to your staff and/or clients that you may not provide due to finances or staffing constraints.
  • Open up opportunity for a wealth of resources to parents/guardians and Parenting Education professionals.
  • Provide courses on evidence-based curricula to your clients, staff, or others in your sphere of influence.  

It is our hope that normalizing Parenting Education as a community effort will be the first defense in preventing adverse, traumatic events in a child’s life. It is also our hope that parents that do not “have a village” can feel supported and empowered in this community to raise well-adjusted, ready-to-learn children. Parents have what it takes!

Your “Yes” is the first step to healing our community by teaching parents how to positively parent their children.

Children that have parents that understand the importance of nurturing parenting and developmentally appropriate educational experiences (either at a preschool, school, or facilitated at home) thrive at home, in school, and in life.

What You Can Do With The Family Connection:

Say “Yes” to a beneficial partnership!

  • Contract a Parenting Series or Workshop for your School, Daycare Center, Church, Library, Business, Organization/Agency…
  • If you are an agency that serves children and families, train your staff to teach ongoing Series and Workshops to your clients.

What Our Parent Education Classes Include (with your partnership):

  • Certified Parenting Educator
  • Meal
  • Quality Childcare with Social-Emotional Curriculum
  • Incentive Giveaways
  • Parenting Workbook
  • A fun, supportive atmosphere to talk about real parenting!
  • Parenting skills that will last a lifetime! Even if parents have children older/younger than the recommended age range of the certified curriculum, skills learned will be comprehensive.

Series to Choose From

We’d love to sit down and talk with you about which class series would be suitable for your staff or clientele or we can also accommodate topical workshops. Please contact us at: 541-734-5150 x1042,

This series is culturally appropriate for Spanish-speaking clients with a healthcare component and flexible and colorful curriculum. This series focuses on positive parenting, community involvement, and learning about local resources for families to better their lives.

If you are interested in implementing a class here, please contact us for a meeting:

Trisha Foster, Program Coordinator
541-734-5150 x1042
1001 Beall Lane, Central Point, OR 97502