Your donation is the first step to healing our community by funding parenting education classes and workshops for all parents and guardians in Jackson and Josephine counties. Please consider donating to this life changing work! 

This link will direct you to Choose “The Family Connection” on the prompted drop down list given by SOCFC. 

Grants, gifts and donations are put towards parenting programs in the community. We work with many agencies that serve children and families to build up their capacity to teach high-quality, evidence-based parenting programs and open those offerings up to the community. The Family Connection (Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative’s local Hub) is the parent organization that trains for, implements and manages 90% of Jackson and Josephine counties’ parenting programs. 

Why is this work important? Because parenting is a learned skill and children that have parents/caretakers that understand the importance of nurturing parenting and developmentally appropriate educational experiences thrive at home, in school, and in life. 

Healthy, loved kids grow up to be healthy, loving adults.   

The Family Connection’s backbone agency is Southern Oregon Child and Family Council, Inc. We thank you for your willingness to contribute. 

You will receive a Thank You and a “100% tax-deductible donation acknowledgment letter” from our 501c3 after we receive your contribution for your records. 

We can accept checks at our office, too. 


P.O. Box 3697, Central Point, OR 97502 


1001 Beall Lane, Central Point, OR 97502