Parenting Educators

We define a Parenting Educator as a professional who provides guidance, support, and education for individuals in their role as a parent to impact their knowledge, skills, and development leading to improved parent-child interaction and child outcomes.

Certified Parenting Educators play an important role in helping parents become the first and forever teachers in their children’s lives. The Family Connection provides professional training and job opportunities to Parenting Educators that are passionate about improving the lives of parents and children. Please learn more about this career opportunity below.

Why become a Parenting Educator for The Family Connection?

  • Part-time job, paid at a competitive wage.
  • Work minimally a couple hours per week for about 10 weeks at a time (some series are 7 weeks in a row, some are 12, depending on the curriculum you teach).
  • Work for an organization that makes a positive difference in families’ lives.

The Family Connection will support you in this endeavor!

  • We will pay for you to be trained to teach parenting classes.
  • We will advertise for your class (class sizes are 10-15 adults).
  • We will help find and pay for childcare providers.
  • We will fund provided meals (you may be asked to do your own pick up).
  • We will provide resources for your resource table.
  • We will buy appealing incentive items to keep your parents coming back.
  • We will be available to you for troubleshooting for the entire series.

What we’ll expect from you:

  • A meeting to discuss implementation and responsibilities.
  • An interactive group experience at each Parenting Class.
  • Be flexible in picking up meals for your classes.
  • Be personable and friendly towards parents.
  • Set out a resource table for parents.
  • Gather data for us about your class for us to present to our funders.

For more information, contact:

  • OrPEN (Oregon Parenting Educator Network) FREE sign up
    • Recognizing an ongoing need for a recognition system specifically for Parenting Educators in the state of Oregon, we are in the process of developing the OPEC Recognition System. The OPEC Recognition System for Parenting Educators will provide a way for Parenting Educators to log and track education, professional development, and workforce hours as well as apply for recognition as a parenting educator. The OPEC Recognition System is being developed to support Parenting Educators from different pathways and offers a road map for on-going professional development.
  • The Oregon Parenting Education Network
    • The Oregon Parenting Education Network (OrPEN) is a network created by Parenting Educators for Parenting Educators. Our goal as a community of professionals is to build and maintain an organization that supports the hard work of Oregon Parenting Educators.
  • OrPEN Facebook Page:
  • Parenting Educator Trainings & Conferences:
    • Contact The Family Connection directly to see if we have a local training opportunity: 541-734-5150 x1042
  • Parenting Educator Resources:
  • Please contact us for a recruitment meeting or more information (above information).